Code No. 45002-AT010



VAC size 79 X 79 X 27cm




  • VAC Type ISF is a device that cancels speed limiter of IS F for circuit driving.
  • CANBUS signal, which controls whole vehicle systems, will be used for cancellation of speed limiter. Thus, speed limiter is cancelled safely and surely.




  • Speed limiter cancellation function
  • Option speed signal output function




  • As it is an external device, even if data of stock ECU is reflashed, functions of VAC Type ISF can be used.
  • If option vehicle speed analog output wire that outputs converted signal from CANBUS system, is connected to Circuit Attack Counter, Turbo Timer, EVC etc., car speed can be monitored (Car speed pulse 4).
  • Stock meter (340km/h) and the multi function meter can show actual vehicle speed.




  • It is connected to ECU harness in the engine compartment directly with vehicle specified harness without any modification.
  • VAC Type ISF unit will be fixed in the foot space of navigator side.




  • "IS F" logo in the acryl window of VAC unit will appear when LED in the unit flashes during power is on.
    In case "IS F" logo does not appear, power or ground connection may have problem.
    After power is turned on, "IS F" logo blinks for a while. Then, keep flashing. This is not error code.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
IS F USE20 2UR-GSE 07/10 -14/07 VAC VAC Type IS F 45002-AT010 * To be discontinued. Applicable for 12/08 MC model