Code No. 45002-AT012





New VAC series lineup for Toyota Crown [Vehicle Type GRS204, engine type 2GR-FSE]




  • This product is for Toyota Crown (GRS204) speed limiter cutter.
  • This product come with "special haeness" to put between vehicle harness and ECU.
  • With ECU reflash type speed limiter cancellation, if the program is overwritten at dealer checkup, the data will be gone but this product will be ok for rewriting the program of engine control computer type.
  • There will be no problem with the speed limiter cut.
  • It displays over 180km/h for Circuit Time Attack Counter or Turbo Timer by changing the CAN communication signal to analog cable.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
CROWN GRS204 2GR-FSE 08/02 -12/11 VAC VAC T-609 45002-AT012