GT-R R35


Code No. 45002-AN008






  • VAC Type GT-R is a device to cancel speed limiter of R35 GT-R. It is compatible with GT-R 2011, 2012 and 2013 Model. (Compatibility to EGOIST and 2017 model registered after July, 2016 is not confirmed.)
  • No negative effect on the engine control unit after installing the VAC. The engine control unit can be upgraded even after the VAC was installed. Upgrading the engine control unit does not damage the VAC's function.




  • Speed Limiter Cancellation
    VAC can cancel the factory default speed limiter function at 180km/h.
  • Speed Signal Option Output
    Speed pulse signal (4-pulse) can be detected from the light blue wire of the Relay Harness, so the speed can be indicated by the meter such as HKS Circuit Attack Counter.
  • Speed Limiter ON/OFF Switch
    The provided ON/OFF Switch is to turn on and off the VAC. It is not necessary to install this switch to cancel the factory speed limit.
  • Speed Display
    Speed over 180km/h can be displayed by the factory meter, and multi function meter.




  • VAC Main Unit
  • Relay Harness
  • ON/OFF Switch



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
GT-R R35 VR38DETT 07/12 -16/06 VAC VAC Type GT-R 45002-AN008 * To be discontinued. Not fit to 2017Model.