Code No. 45002-AZ009



Case size: 60 x  63x 15 [mm]
Harness length: 220 [mm]




  • VAC Type CZ SE3P is speed limiter cutter device to drive very fast at circuit for your pleasure.
    This is for SLD Type III-Z3 and VAC TYPE CZ GG3P merged to RX-8 late model 6MT.
    For this, SLD Type III-Z3 and VAC TYPE CZ GG3P will be discontinued.




Vehicle Model Engine type Model Year Remark
RX-8 SE3P 13B-MPS 03/2- un-checked 6AT
ATENZA GG3P L3-VDT 05/9-07/11  
GG3S L3-VE 02/4-05/5 4AT




  • Speed limiter cutter function
  • Option automobile speed signal output function




  • This is add-on type, therefore even if the stock ECU data version is upgraded, the VAC Type CZ SE3P function will be ok.
  • It can display the speed by connecting with CAN communication automobile analog speed signal output cable to the Circuit Attack Counter, Turbo Timer or CAMP2 (speed pulse "4").




  • PCM (engine control computer) harness modification is required.
  • Set VAC Type CZ SE3P to the RX-8 engine room, set near the passenger foot for Atenza.
  • About 2 hours for late model RX-8 for installation and 1 hour for other vehicles.
    The waterproof connector work is required for late model RX-8. We recommend you to do at workshop.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
RX-8 SE3P 13B-MSP 03/02 -12/06 VAC VAC Type CZ SE3P 45002-AZ009 Not checked 6AT