VAC MAZDA SPEED AXELA Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 45002-AZ008



More VAC series lineup. MAZDA SPEED AXELA (Vehicle Type DBA-BL3FW engine type L3-VDT) compliant.




  • This product is for Mazda Speed Axela.
  • Require wiring work to the ECU device.
  • With ECU reflash type speed limiter cancellation, if the program is overwritten at dealer checkup, the data will be gone but this product will be ok for rewriting the program of engine control computer.
  • There is no affection by the cancellation of speed limiter.
  • As the unit has an option output wire that outputs a converted signal from vehicle speed signal in CAN system to analog signal, Circuit Attack Counter or Turbo Timer can display car speed of more than 180km/h.




Not yet tested for AFS or RVM installed vehicles.

  • AFS = Adaptive front writing system
  • RVM = Rear vehicle monitoring system


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Price Remarks
MAZDA SPEED AXELA BL3FW L3-VDT 09/06- VAC VAC Type CZ BL3FW 45002-AZ008 AFS/Rear vehicle monitoring system not installed