Code No. 45002-AF003





It is a device to cancel speed limiter for vehicles, which have CAN communication system.




  • This vehicle has CAN system for communication of vehicle information. (CAN Communication is the vehicle onboard network system to transfer more than 40
    signals with just 2 communication wires. Image of the system is like 40 wires became into just 2 wires.)
  • As vehicle speed signal is transferred through CAN system, vehicle speed signal wire does not exist. HKS analyzed the CAN communication and now it is possible to control CAN system.
  • Only vehicle speed signal is corrected from CAN signals in order to cancel speed limiter.
  • There is no defection by the cancellation of speed limiter.
  • As the unit has an option vehicle speed analog output wire that outputs a converted signal from CAN system, Circuit Attack Counter or Turbo Timer can display car speed over 180km/h.

* This product is for race. Do not use it on the public.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
LEGACY B4 BLE EZ30D 03/05 -06/04 VAC VAC Type CF 45002-AF003 Section A to C, MT, VDC not installed