Code No. 45002-AT004





We have added new applicable vehicle of T-604 (CROWN 3.0L/GRS182) for VAC.




  • This is the speed limiter cancellation device for TOYOTA CROWN (GRS182).
  • This device comes with special harness which goes between vehicle harness and ECU.
  • A type of device that changes the program inside can be over written or erased at a shop inspection or etc. But HKS VAC is not.
  • There is no malfunction for using this speed limiter cancellation.
  • It can show the speed over 180km/h with circuit attack counter or turbo timer because it comes with a cable that changes the CAN communication signal of the vehicle speed into analog output. 



  • It comes with original harness for each vehicles, so you do not have to modify the stock cables.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
CROWN GRS182 3GR-FSE 03/12 -05/09 VAC VAC T-604 45002-AT004 3.0L