F-COND HIACE,REGIUSACE Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 42007-AT002




F-CON D, The device to extract diesel engine performance.


■Product Outline
  • This product is compatible with Hiace 200 series type 3 and 4.
    This product can control the fuel of piezo-injector diesel turbo engines.
  • With the 1KD-FTV engine, the engine output increases up to approximately 32ps.
    The difference is noticeable right after stepping on the accelerator.

■Kit Parts
  • Main Unit
  • Installation Harness
  • Switch
  • Short Parts



  • The mode is selectable from stock or power increase condition.
  • The fuel signal is processed to control the fuel condition.
  • Not only the engine output, but also the torque can be improved.
    The time to reach the target speed can be shortened.


  • Install the main unit and switch in the interior of a vehicle
  • Modification of a factory ECU harness is required when only 42007-AT002 is required. (With a modified harness, the unit can be installed to both standard and wide body.)
  • 42002-AT001(Vehicle specific harness) is available separately.
    This harness can be installed without any modification.
    ※This vehicle specific harness requires a cover to pull the wire into the vehicle interior; therefore, it is available only for the standard body.
    For a wide body vehicle, modify a factory ECU harness in order to install this product.

Vehicle Specific Harness for HIACE





1KD 3000 Diesel (Model: KDH206V) Fuel Efficiency
F-CON D ON Driving Distance: 579.3km Fuel Consumption: 51.2L 11.3km/L
Stock Vehicle Driving Distance: 577.3km Fuel Consumption: 49.3L 11.7km/L

※These are the results of the in-house tests.

Product Model Engine Year Code No. Remarks
Installation Harness for Hiace KDH20## 1KD-FTV 10/7~ 42002-AT001 For Type 3 & 4 Standard Body
Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
HIACE,REGIUSACE KDH2## 1KD-FTV 10/07- 42007-AT002