F-CON iD (Application Chart) HILUX REVO Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 42011-KT002





Thailand Model / Australia Model



■Product Outlines
  • Fuel Control Sub-Computer for Common Rail Type Diesel Engine.
  • Hardware is for HILUX REVO.
  • Pre-programmed fuel correction data are not available.
  • Data programming software "F-CON iD EasyWriter" is available for setting (available only for Power Writer shops).


  • Fuel volume increase system controlled by a sub-computer.
  • FCD function to deactivate the factory ECU's boost-cut.
  • Common rail pressure adjustment function.
  • Data programming software "F-CON iD EasyWriter" is available for data correction and map editing via USB connection (available only for Power Writer shops).


■Engine Output Characteristics (HKS TEST DATA)


2GD-FTV 2.4L
STOCK POWER 98KW (133.6PS) TORQUE 382Nm (39.0kgm)
F-CON iD POWER 115KW (155.9PS) TORQUE 432Nm (44.1kgm)


  • Connect the provided Universal Harness to the factory ECU wires.
  • Mount the F-CON iD main unit on the vehicle's interior.
  • To return to the factory setting, simply use the provided Return Connector.
  • Data programming software (F-CON iD EasyWriter) and communication USB Cable are not included.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
HILUX REVO GUN### #GD-FTV 15/**- 42011-KT002 This product was tested with Australian and Thai models.