Code No. 45002-AD001



Type CD LA400K






  • VAC Type CD LA400K is a device to cancel speed limiter of DAIHATSU COPEN LA400K.
  • Speed limiter cancel device with a speed signal's optional speed output function. Connecting with a white wire of Circuit Attack Counter enables the speed indication.
  • ECM speed from OBDII does not exceed the limited speed.
  • This product must be removed when taking the vehicle to the dealer for inspection.






  • Speed Limiter Cancellation
  • Speed Signal Option Output




  • The engine control unit can be upgraded even after the VAC was installed. Upgrading the engine control unit does not unable the VAC's function
  • Connecting the option speed output signal(light blue wire) to CAC or Turbo Timer enables speed indication. (Speed Pulse "4")





  • Connect Engine Control Module harness in the engine bay using a relay harness.
  • Mount the VAC unit to the vehicle interior.
  • Estimated installation time is approximately 40 minutes.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Product VAC,SLD Type Code No. Manual Remarks
COPEN LA400K KF 14/07 - VAC VAC Type CD LA400K 45002-AD001 For CVT model, when the limiter is cancelled, ecoIDLE light comes on, but it does not affect driving. Refer to the manual for more detailes.