Code No. 21003-AN014



BCD[Bridge Concept Design]  PISTON KIT  RB26 2.8L STEP2





Double-layer coating reduces friction. Lightweight and highly rigid piston kit with *bridge construction.



■BCD Piston is one of the strutted Pistons

  • Adapting BCD Structure for improved structural rigidity.
  • Made of highly heat-resistant & durable A2618 alloy.
  • Optimized profile for shorter skirt height and narrower skirt width to reduce weight.
  • The shortened piston pin makes pin boss lighter.
  • Machined to reduce excess thickness parts to achieve ultra lightweight.
  • Two-layer fluoropolymer and molybdenum coating for reduced friction
  • The outer layer is a molybdenum coating effective for sliding under high loads.
  • The inner layer is coated with fluorine plastic for effective sliding at high RPM.



Newly produced forged materials with BCD structure.

Shorter piston pins to reduce weight.

Additional nickel-plated version for RB28 STEP2


Skirt section walled-out to reduce weight and optimize rigidity.

Oil from the oil jet is directed to the center of the piston for cooling. Oil from the oil ring is directed to the piston pin for lubrication.




  HKS 2.8L KIT Stock
Bore 87.0mm 86.0mm
Stroke 77.7mm 73.7mm
Compression Ration (t=1.2) 8.7 -
Max RPM 9,000rpm 7,600rpm
Displacement 2,771cc 2,568cc


BCD = A bridge design is a truss structure that is employed at the back of the piston to enhance the rigidity of the piston.


Product Engine Capacity (ml) Type Boring・Horning modification Full flow modification Code No. Manual Remarks
BCD PISTON KIT STEP2 φ87 RB26DETT 2,771 φ87 - 21 required Not Required 21003-AN014 Forged, 2-layer molybdenum-coated Nickel plated