METAL CATALYZER GT-R Explanation of the product Application chart
GT-R R35

Code No. 33005-AN005





The basic structure is from the 1st catalyzer from exit of turbo to the 2nd catalyzer of Center Pipe. The catalyzer has the most resistant part of exhaust system. Therefore by reducing the resistance here makes turbocharger perform better in boost and performance.
R35 has twin turbo V6 engine and 2 catalyzers set for the turbo exit, so total of 4 catalyzers are mounted. But HKS has developed special Metal Catalyzer for R35. This catalyzer has high performance of purification and at the same time it has low pressure for only 2 of catalyzers.
We employed lost wax method to make inside flow better because the turbo exit extension part has a very big influence. This will let VR38DETT power do its work. For Japanese Automobile inspection, we got exhaust test result certificate and passed exhaust gas regulation.



Catalyzer entrance extension Lost wax 3D design


  • The extension to connect turbo outlet and catalyzer is designed in 3D.
  • HKS Metal Catalyzer is made from one unit for lost wax method and has no step inside.



Close noise level
Close noise level Sound pressure (dB)
Safety standard 96
JASMA standard 95
HKS Legamax Premium + HKSMetal Catalyzer 93
HKS Legamax Premium 91
Stock 89








Other parts
Part Quantity Size
Outlet pipe gasket (RH) 1  
Outlet pipe gasket (LH) 1  
Exhaust pipe gasket 1 φ85
Exhaust pipe gasket 2 φ75
Bolt 6 M10 L=40
Bolt 2 M10 L=25
Nut 8 M10
Spring washer 8 for M10
Plain washer 16 for M10


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Price Remarks
GT-R CBA- R35 VR38DETT 07/12-08/11 φ85 - φ75 33005-AN005 Make to order item
For 485PS (After minor change).