METAL CATALYZER LEGACY B4 Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 33005-AF013




The Metal Catalyzer that has both high output and high purification system.
New for Impreza/CBA-GH8





Other parts
Part Quantity Size
Turbo outlet gasket 1  
Spherical surface gasket 1 for φ65



* Use of this products lead to change of boost pressure characteristics. Use of this product with HKS muffler is possible, however use with other manufacturers products and use with altered boost settings may require knocking and maximum boost setting inspection. If necessary please repeat setting.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Price Remarks
LEGACY B4 CBA-BL5(D, E, F) EJ20X 06/06-09/05 φ70x2-φ75-φ65 33005-AF013 For 5MT. Front pipe included.