Code No. 33005-AN004





The Metal Catalyzer that has both high output and high purification system.
New for Fairlady Z/Z33/Z34




  • By installing this product to HKS Full Dual Muffler + normal intake, it will have 6ps up even for a normal engine.
  • Even the accelerator response has not just better feeling but also our test with G sensor installation has shown the better results and gives sharp response at engine for accelerator work.
  • Both pipe IN and OUT isφ60.
  • Stock has 2 catalyzers each for both banks. But our product has one each with 150 cell that has less exhaust resistance. And we could pass the 2005 gas regulation.
  • Includes the public organization's 10-15 mode exhaust gas test certificate.




  • When you install the Metal Catalyzer, the exhaust sound tends to get bigger. Please be careful for Z33 that could have 3 to 4dB higher depending on the type of muffler or the time-related deterioration.
  • It is possible to hear exhaust interfering sound when accelerating.
  • Not for Roadster.






■Other parts

Part Quantity Size
Stud bolt 2 M10
Washer based nut 4 M10 P=1.25
Nut 4 M10 P=1.5
Nut 2 M10 P=1.25
Bolt 4 M10 L=40 P=1.5
Bolt 2 M10 L=25 P=1.25
Spring washer 6 M10
Plain washer 12 M10
Gasket 2  
Ring Gasket 2  



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Manual Remarks
FAIRLADY Z CBA- Z34 VQ37VHR 08/12 -20/09 φ60 - φ60 33005-AN004 For 7M-AT & 6MT. Do not use with 32023-AN003 and 32023-AN005. Grade: NISMO (not VERSION NISMO)