METAL CATALYZER LEGACY B4 Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 33005-AF017






The new Legacy has changed from the previous BP/BL type exhaust layout to turbo layout under the exhaust manifold. This new design provides efficient catalyzer performance and better turbocharger from the all range primary exhaust pressure reduction to let the engine to perform better.
This fundamental structure provides New Legacy with Metal Catalyzer to pass HKS exhaust gas test facility and it won't lose pressure of catalyzer.
With HKS Metal Catalyzer you can feel the difference in response and a high RPM power. Enjoy the HKS power that is legally approved for exhaust regulation.

* [Exhaust gas test results certificate] included





* Use of this products lead to change of boost pressure characteristics. Use of this product with HKS muffler is possible, however use with other manufacturers products and use with altered boost settings may require knocking and maximum boost setting inspection. If necessary please repeat setting.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Price Remarks
LEGACY B4 DBA-BM9 EJ255 09/05-13/04 φ65-φ65 33005-AF017 Make to order item
For 6MT & 5AT