METAL CATALYZER S2000 Explanation of the product Application chart
S2000 GH-AP1

Code No. 33005-AH002




Photo: Prototype

"Total Exhaust Tuning" for S2000 by Super Sound Master and newly released HKS Exhaust Manifold & Metal Catalyzer!

HKS recommends "Total Exhaust Tuning" for S2000 owners; installing HKS Exhaust Manifold and Metal Catalyzer in addition to "SUPER SOUND MASTER" allows further improvement of driving performance. Performance improvement is particularly noticeable at 4000rpm and when the camshaft is switched to high-speed profile.



HKS Metal Catalyzer utilizes 150cpsi cell design compared to the factory 400casi design. Pressure loss reduction and high emissions standard are implemented together. Pressure loss reduction particularly affects at high engine RPM range providing sharp engine feeling and response.

  HKS Stock
No. of cell 150cpsi 400cpsi
Weight 3.6kg 5.0kg





Exhaust manifold (pink line) shows its advantage at low to mid speed range. CAT (blue line) shows its advantage at mid to high speed range. When used in combination of these two items have a beneficial effect on all speed ranges.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Price Remarks
S2000 GH-AP1 F20C 99/04-00/03 φ60-φ60 33005-AH002 Not fot to LA-AP1 & ABA-AP1