S2000 AP2

Code No. 33005-AH004





The stock catalyzer cell number is about 600cpsi and HKS Metal Catalyzer is 300cpsi.(cpsi= cells per square inch)
HKS keeps lower pressure loss by the taper cone shape and lower number of cells. However at the same time we use more catalytic metal to clean the exhaust emission.
Most of the exhaust pressure loss occurs at the catalyzer, therefore changing to the Metal Catalyzer is the most efficient method to lower the engine friction loss.
By using the HKS exhaust manifold, the torque of the low to mid speed improves and with the metal catalyzer, you can prevent from pressure loss in the high RPM. These two improvements make the vehicle to upgrade the engine performance in all range.






You can have a best NA engine performance with these HKS Exhaust Manifold, Super Sound Master and Metal Catalyzer together for the big power and sound.



Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Pipe Size Code No. Manual Remarks
S2000 AP2 F22C 05/11 -09/09 φ65 - φ65 33005-AH004