STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST MANIFOLD (for TURBO) IMPREZA WRX STI Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 14019-AF001






The exhaust manifold that pull potential power out of turbo vehicle.
Conventional Impreza C,D,E model item is also correspond with F model.



  • Stock replacement type stainless steel exhaust manifold is now correspond with new F model.
  • We have adopted ideal pipe diameter by eliminating the flange step which is the reason for the resistance.
  • In order not to drop the flow rate we made the shape of junction portion for little change of the cross-sectional area to the set.
  • With our test drive and vibration test resulted to disuse the flexible tube and slip joint which causes the exhaust resistance, and reinforced for junction portion.
  • For these changes, both of the power and torque has increased at the all range. It's much better to control at low to mid RPM.



Part Quantity Size
Gasket (Turbine) side 1 Stock
Gasket (Engine) side 1 Stock
Stud bolt 1 M8 P1.25
Self-tapping screw 1 6 × 16
Thermo seal 1 300 × 300mm


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Main/Bypass Code No. Price Remarks
Pipe size Pipe thickness
IMPREZA WRX STI GDB EJ207 02/11-07/06 42.7 2 14019-AF001 For Model C to G. Not fit to stock under cover.