Premium Suction
GT-R R35

Premium Suction

Code No. 70018-AN007






  • Inner diameter of HKS' specially designed cast aluminum suction pipe is enlarged to φ53 comparing to the stock φ45.
  • By large inner diameter of the pipe, restriction of intake air flow is reduced and the bottle neck at high boost level is solved.
  • The beautiful aluminum polished finish pipes cannot be visible when it's installed; but, the performance improvement is guranteed.




Stock air element part # : 16546-JF00A

Super Air Filter in the kit : 70017-AN105 (2 pcs set)




Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Manual Remarks
GT-R CBA-, DBA- R35 VR38DETT 07/12 - Premium Suction NISSAN TYPE5 70018-AN007 Replace air inlet pipe between stock air cleaner box and compressor housing. It can be used with Racing Suction (70020-AN107).