Premium Suction IMPREZA WRX STI Explanation of the product Application chart
Premium Suction

Code No. 70018-AF010




Photo of GVF



  • Stock rubber hose is replaced with aluminum pipe.
  • The specially designed polished aluminum pipe improves engine compartment appearance.
  • No affect to stock management system.






Airflow meter does not show fluctuation with or without Premium Suction. (See the graph on the left.) However, the intake resistance is reduced when Premium Suction is installed. (See the red line on the graph on the right.) Unique design of the pipe connected to the turbine and aluminum suction pipes can reduce the intake resistance. Experience the improved engine response when accelerating for overtaking.



Part number of stock air element


Super Hybrid Filter in the kit




Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
IMPREZA WRX STI CBA- GRF EJ257 09/02-14/08 Premium Suction SUBARU TYPE1 70018-AF010 * Discontinued.