Carbon Engine Cover
S660 JW5

Code No. 70026-AH005



Dry Carbon Engine Cover





  • The dry carbon engine cover improves the engine bay appearance and differentiates it from the stock.
    This engine cover is made of 3K twilled prepreg that does not cause much fiber twist;
    it created a beauty of an uniform pattern.
  • The width is approximately 55mm wider than a stock.
    The carbon pattern created a premium appearance.
  • Just replace with a stock cover; no bolt and any tool is required.
    HKS original emblem is peeked out of the engine hood opening.



Engine Cover

Stock / HKS

Heat Dissipation Opening



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
S660 JW5 S07A 15/04 -22/03 70026-AH005 Make to order item