Premium Suction

Premium Suction

Code No. 70018-AZ001






Replacing the stock rubber suction hose with the polished finish aluminum pipe and Super Air Filter improves intake efficiency. This kit was designed to maintain the stability for daily use without effect on the stock control.




Stock Suction Pipe(left) vs. HKS Suction Pipe(right)

Compared to the stock rubber suction hose and resin suction pipe, HKS' cast aluminum pipe was designed exclusively for this applications to ensure maximum intake air path cross section area. Smoother air intake can be provided.



Part number of stock air element : SH01-13-3A0A

Super Air Filter in the kit : 70017-AZ109




Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Manual Remarks
AXELA Sport LDA- BM2FS SH-VPTR 13/11 -19/05 Premium Suction MAZDA TYPE9 70018-AZ001 * To be discontinued.