Carbon Engine Cover

Code No. 70026-AT013



Dry carbon for discerning owners who appreciate the distinction, elevating the engine compartment to a realm of luxury



The use of lightweight, high-strength autoclaved dry carbon material not only enhances the performance but also adds a racy and glamorous touch to the engine compartment. This material is made from prepreg, which involves impregnating carbon fibers with thermosetting resin in advance. The result is a beautiful finish with no fiber distortion, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.





  • This dress-up part is designed to be fitted onto genuine engine covers, enhancing the appearance of the engine compartment. The use of twill weave carbon not only adds a touch of luxury but also upgrades the overall atmosphere in the engine compartment.
  • The prominently shining HKS emblem at the center of the cover proudly displays its presence. The design is carefully crafted to align seamlessly with the genuine engine cover, ensuring a cohesive look when viewed from the side.
  • The shape design is also intended to convey the dynamic nature of the horizontally opposed engine, which becomes evident the moment you open the bonnet.
  • Installation is made easy with the use of clips and double-sided tape, making it a convenient and stylish addition to your engine cover.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
BRZ ZC6 FA20 12/03 -21/07 70026-AT013 *Late models, specifically those manufactured from 2016 and onwards, including Applied E models, are not compatible with manual transmission (MT).