Racing Suction R MAZDA SPEED ATENZA Explanation of the product Application chart
Racing Suction R

Code No. 70020-AZ010





Racing Suction Reloaded is new and better version of already standard sport air cleaner Super power flow reloaded.
This filter is made of low friction and wet type filter. The suction part is aluminum piping and designed for each vehicles. It's the ultimate intake system.
And we are announcing new Racing Suction Reloaded for Mazda roadstar and Speed Atenza.



  • It doesn't change much in high rpm but for the start-up and mid rpm range power improved. And the beauty of the intake make it cool in the engine room.



Test vehicle specification

Vehicle type: DBA-GG3P    Engine type: L3-VDT    Other installed parts: Super fire racing spark plug M40LF




  • Racing Suction Reloaded is a air cleaner device for a car engine. For the best super power flow filter performance, please chagne the filter regularly.
  • We recommend you to use a high temperrature type spark plug because of the higher power with this product. Please change the spark plug for sure especially in the sport racing.
  • This product is made for a stock vehicles but for some cars, it might need to adjust in AFR, F-CON settings.


Vehicle Classification Model Engine Model Year Style Size Code No. Price Remarks
MAZDA SPEED ATENZA DBA- GG3P L3-VDT 05/06-07/12 Racing Suction R Φ200-80/Yellow 70020-AZ010 * Discontinued. For "MAZDASPEED ATENZA".