Hi-Power SPEC-L II

Code No. 31019-AT114



Sporty sound and significant weight reduction enhances the GR Yaris driving performance.

25% lighter compared to stock exhaust system
Weight reduction is achieved by using HKS original thin-walled stainless steel material for pipes and silencers.

Sports sound with straight layout
Outside, the exhaust system produces a powerful, bass-heavy sound, while cabin noise is eliminated by a silent chamber. The result is an exhaust system that not only reduces weight and improves performance, but also offers a sporty sound.









Cert. No. JQR40212121
Vehicle GR YARIS
Model GXPA16
Engine G16E-GTS
Model Year 20/09 - 24/03
Shape of muffler HP
(Hi-Power SPEC-L II)
Main material S304
Diameter of tip 94 L&R
Diameter of center pipe 65 - 50.8 x 2 (*1)
Close noise level Stock 79
HKS 90
About road clearance(*2) Clearance 151mm
Portion of the kit Mid pipe
Product Weight 9.3kg

• Not compatible with RS (1.5L FF) grade.
• RC-grade vehicle with standard 17-inch tires complies with Japanese car inspection regulations.
• Not compatible with a vehicle with GR rear bumper spoiler.
• GRMN YARIS does not comply with Japanese car inspection regulations.
• Not compatible with the model made after March 2024.


About HKS muffler

*1: About center pipe
Diameter of center pipe is the portion that has the largest diameter. (Excluding silencer and tip.) It is the condition with stock suspension.

*2: Minimum road clearance between HKS muffler (Any parts included in the kit) and road surface. Therefore, it may be different from actual road clearance of the vehicle.
The data is basically the condition with stock suspension. However, please understand that some items have data with low down spring or ride height adjustable suspension kit.

Caution: Hook, bracket, stay may be changed without prior notice.

★ Exhaust noise level at idle.