Hi-Power SPEC-L II

  • SUS304
  • ADUANTEX Grass Wool

Weight reduction, low exhaust pressure, improved drivability and exhaust efficiency.

Existing "Hi-Power SPEC-L" and "Touring SPEC-L" to be renewed as "Hi-Power SPEC-L II".

  • SUS304
  • ADUANTEX Grass Wool

Application Chart

  • As light as Titanium
    HKS has achieved a weight reduction comparable to the titanium exhaust system by utilizing ultra lightweight components for each part's material for pipes and silencers. The weight of the exhaust compared to factory one is reduced from about 30% up to 60%, which leads to improved driving performance.
  • Improved exhaust efficiency with a straight through structure
    A straight through structure greatly improves exhaust efficiency. HKS also design exhaust for a sporty and comfortable sound based on each vehicle individual specifications.
  • Titanium tail tip cover
    New series feature a titanium tail tip cover instead of carbon. Burnt titanium tail tips add to racing atmosphere. HKS now offer an optional tail tip cover*. There are three types of optional tail tip cover available. A standard titanium, a familiar carbon cover, and a new cool looking Neuse tail tip cover made with blue stainless steel.

*The replacement tail tip cover is an optional part for Hi-Power SPEC-L II.

Optional tail tip cover
Hi-Power SPEC-L II Optional Tail Tip Cover

The new Hi-Power SPEC-L II is compatible with optional tail tip covers. There are three types of optional tail tip cover available.

  • Option finisher cover is the option part for Hi-Power SPEC-L II.
    Not compatible with the Hi-Power SPEC-L and Touring SPEC-L because the press-fitting nut for fixing the finisher cover might come off.
  • Please use the threadlocker (medium strength) when you attach the option finisher cover.
    (Recommended product: Loctite 243 Medium Strength Threadlockers)

How to replace the option finisher cover

  • Use the bolt of M4, P=0.7, L=6 (Material: SUS304) for attaching the finisher cover.
  • Attaching bolts are included with the finisher cover.
  • The width across flats of the hexagon socket is 2.5 mm.
  • We recommend to remove the muffler when you attach the option finisher cover.
    * There are cases in which can be attached without removing the muffler, depending on the vehicle.
  • Remove the bolt after the threadlocker agent is softened when removing the finisher cover.
    Note: Heat the bolt from the inside of the bolt.
  • When a bolt got stripped, catch the bolt head by plier then, turn it.
  • Please download the "Hi-Power SPEC-L II installation manual" in the below link for more detailed information.