GR86 ZN8

Code No. 26010-AT002








  • The GR86 (ZN8)/BRZ (ZD8) lineup will be added to the LA clutch series. Allowable torque: 440 N·m (45 kgf·m)
  • As an expected output of 310 kW (420 PS), the product is compatible with vehicles equipped with an HKS GT2 S/C or BOT* kit.
  • It ensures the overwhelming capacity for a single clutch for GR86 or BRZ.
  • It provides stable performance by reviewing the previous clutch facing friction material. It secures the torque capacity by suppressing increased friction at high temperatures and friction coefficient reduction.
  • It improves heat capacity and ease of handling by evaluating the weight of the flywheel since the product for FA20 has been released.




 1   Balance of pedal force and crimp force

While still enhancing the crimp force to achieve sufficient torque capacity, it offers a pedal feel similar to the factory's, differing from the heavy clutch pedal of the previous HKS reinforced clutch.

 2   Reviewing the facing friction material to ensure the torque capacity. Adopting new MG Composite Disc dia. 230

The new material disc ensures wear resistance in high-temperature ranges and suppresses the decrease in the coefficient of friction. Thanks to knitting lightweight and strong fibers, which have been made heat-resistant by combining materials and treating other raw materials for heat resistance with high-strength fibers.
While the performance is mild during normal starts, there is no slippage when driving on a circuit, making it a reassuring characteristic for driving.

 3   Adopt Strap Drive Mechanism

The clutch cover adopts the Strap Drive Mechanism. It allows solid disengagement. There is no sound while the clutch is disengaged. You don't have to worry about noise even when driving in residential area.

 4   Improved response

The weight of the flywheel is optimized according to the specific vehicles. This process ensures sharp response and acceleration performance without a jerky feeling at low rpm, even if it becomes lighter than the factory one.

 5   Reduction of abnormal noise generation and Protection of drive system

Adopting the disc damper, it reduces uncomfortable gear noise comes from the transmission. It also protects the drive system like a transmission by absorbing the impact torque by the disc damper.


* Please use it within the allowable torque range when installing the BOT kit. 
   If the allowable torque is exceeded, slippage will occur.





  • The permissible range is the available engine torque range, unless the clutch overheats due to intentional half-clutching.
  • The conditionally permissible range is the range within which slippage may occur due to rough handling, road surface reactions from tires, and distortion of various parts during use.
  • The exceeding permissible limit value is the range where slippage occurs while engaging the clutch at high rpm.
  • The physic limit value is the point where slippage occurs just by stepping on the accelerator.
  • It is not a failure or defect when the chattering noise of the gear from the transmission may occur during acceleration or deceleration at 2000 rpm after installing the clutch kit.



■Kit includes

  • Clutch cover Assy
  • Clutch disc Assy
  • Flywheel
  • Bolt for Clutch cover
  • Pilot bearing



■Comparison between HKS LA Clutch and Stock clutch

  Stock LA clutch Ratio against stock
Stepping force (N) *1 143 180 126%
Weight of flywheel (kg) 10 5.5 55%
Weight of clutch disc (kg) 1.54 1.45 94%
Weight of kit (kg) 15.9 11.7 74%

*1: A stepping force comes from the measured value of the actual vehicle. 
      There may be errors due to individual vehicle differences. Please use this data as a reference.




Product Name Model Name Model Engine Model Year Product Code
ZN8/ZD8 FA24 21/10-
DISK for LA CLUTCH ZN8/ZD8 FA24 26999-AT015



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Mission Type Form Flywheel Weight Clutch Type Code No. Manual Remarks
GR86 ZN8 FA24 21/10 - Stock 6 speed PUSH 5.5kg SINGLE 26010-AT002