S660 JW5

Code No. 82001-AH002





Front Camber Adjustable Pillowball Upper Mount Kit for HIPERMAX Series for S660




  • The front side of GT/SP/S for S660 utilizes a special shape fixed type upper mount for a sufficient stroke amount and installation space.
  • To respond to the requests from the market, the special design front camber adjustable pillow-ball upper mount is released as an optional part.
  • This camber adjustable pillow-ball upper mount was designed to be installable without modification and vehicle height change. Also, it allows approximately -3°of negative camber at the maximum. (※1)
  • The unique hat-shape is designed to keep a sufficient stroke amount and durability. The maximum camber adjustable range is attained by butting off the portion of the pillow-ball amount's cylindrical part.
  • The pillow-ball is Menebea made that already proves its high reliability in Hipermax series.

※1:This negative camber angle was obtained by in-house test of Max IV SP under the factory vehicle height setting; therefore, an actual angle may be different.



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Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
S660 JW5 S07A 15/04 -22/03 82001-AH002 ・For GT/SP/S
Camber adjustable range may vary depending on a vehicle height, assembly state, vehicle individual difference, etc.