Suspension Error Canceler Vehicle Application Chart GR SUPRA Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 45012-AT001





  • GR supra (RZ(DB42)/SZ-R(DB22) stock shock absorber electronically controlled.
  • The vehicle detects an error when the electronically controlled stock shock absorber is removed and displays an error message in the meter panel and control display (the graphic below)
  • SEC is able to work even after upgrading the shock absorber. Use this kit in combination when replacing coilovers.



The situation where the dashboard meter detected an error message.

The situation where the center control display detected an error message.






  • This SEC is exclusive to GR Supra.
  • Do not remove the stock backing plate (Brake rotor heat shielding plate) for heat damage.
  • Take measures against heat damage if necessary when situation the brake rotor becomes high temperature such as racing track driving.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
GR SUPRA DB42 B58 19/05- 45012-AT001 For RZ