EVC7Electronic Valve Controller 7


*Default factory setting is OFF. Map will be ON when dialing switch between A and D.


(When EVC is turned on, "A, B, C" in red circle appears.)

How to display the vehicle speed, engine RPM, and throttle angle.


Connect the throttle signal harness (brown) and vehicle speed or engine RPM signal harness (green) with the vehicle side signal harnesses.

2.Display setting
Shipping display setting for throttle open, vehicle speed or engine RPM are not shown. Please follow the setup instruction below to show then in the main display.

Default factory setting is Easy mode. Please change setting to Pro mode from Menu.
Please open the Correction Map and select input signal for Map.

Please open the Status of Menu and select Main Screen Type B.
Selected input signal will be shown in each Map.

EVC - Variants/Timelines

The "Warning" is not working even the boost exceeds the warning value setting.

Sometimes, the boost instantly goes up like an overshoot passing the warning boost setting because of the boost start up characteristic. The Warning functions when the boost pressure exceeds the warning value with in a set time.

Error messages is qppeared.

Please check the relay harness or power supply harness. And check the power supply position or ground wire point of the power supply harness.

The boost pressure does not rise as being set.

The EVC boost control may not work properly if a new part is installed. If the boost control fails too much, reset the EVC and do the initial setting again. Otherwise, the pressure leakage may occur due to disconnection or slit of the pipe.

Why are there 4 modes A, B, C, D? Which one of the A/B/C/D is for a high boost?

4 modes can be individually setting up for normal boost or high boost. A/B/C/D doesn't mean the boost level of each modes.

What is the Scramble Boost?

Scramble boost is one of EVC's functions that is effective for a race or competition that requires the instand boost pressure increase. Under Scramble Boost, more boost pressure adds to the normal boost setting. Therefore, the engine tuning to endure the scramble boost is required.

Can EVC lower the boost?

The boost cannot be lowered than the vehicle's lowest boost setting (boost pressure setting of actuator and wastegate). However, for a stock vehicle with a boost pressure solenoid, sometimes, the boost may be lower than a value before EVC is installed when the EVC is OFF.

Can I install EVC in my KEI-car? Can I install it in my diesel car?

Yes, if the car has 12V actuator or wastegate and turbo with boost pressure control.

Can I install it on my SILVIA? Can I install it in my SKYLINE? Is there any documents for piping work for each vehicle?

Please refer to "Swing valve type setup" for more information.

Can I buy just control unit or valve unit?

No, they are not available for sale.

Can EVC control overshoothing?

Changing the offset setting value or MAP function, can make some difference, but, reconnecting the pipes may work better. shorten the length of the hoses, especially φ4 hose. Also, Taking the φ6 chamber pressure from surge tank, may cause overshooting. Even after all the settings are corrected and adequate, overshooting still occurs, then it may be the vehicle's characteristic.

How the engine hunting stop?

Reset the sampling time. If the engine hunting continues, connect the φ4 hose to where more precise surge tank pressure can be taken, or use the orifice or a longer φ4 hose to stop the engine hunting.

The maximum boost pressure does not reach to 300kpa.

It could be because of the vehicle specification. The boost pressure may not go up to 300KPa because of the specification of the wastegate spring or the capacity of the turbine or the engine.

Boost cut and knocking occur.

If the boost pressure is increased more than the normal, the vehicle's boost-cut is activated by the fail-safe system. In that case, use a boost cut cancel device such as FCD. But settings using a fuel increasing device is required to prevent engine knocking, detonation, etc, that may result in engine damage.

The boost value of 2nd gear and 4th gear is different.

A lower gear driving and a high gear driving has a different driving load; therefore, the boost pressure level is different. Please set the boost pressure with EVC at a high gear such as 4th.

EVC is not controlling the boost, and the boost doesn't go up.

Check the piping and exhaust bypass switch setting. If the stock max boost setting and initial boost setting are the same, the boost pressure cannot be controlled since EVC cannot recognize the boost characteristics properly. Check the initial setting values using Easywriter.

After installing EVC, the boost pressure doesn't go up as being set.

If there is a specification change for the vehicle, please check the normal boost and reset the boost in each mode.

The value shown in the meter and EVC is not the same.

Both the meter and EVC must take the pressure from the same place. If the difference of the EVC and meter is within the 10kPa, it should be within the tolerance range.

Do I have to use the air filter?

To prevent the oil from entering into the valve unit, the air filter is required. And, if dirt built up is noticed, change the filter.

The boost level is set to 130KPa with EVC, but the boost drops to 100KPa. Can EVC fix this?

Depending on the certain specification of vehicle, turbine or actuator characteristics, the boost pressure sometimes drops at a high RPM. EVC can control the boost pressure drop to same extent, but upgrading other parts such as an actuator may be required.

Surging occurs.

Surging tends to occur with the recent turbocharged vehicle models. Map function prevents surging; however, surging cannot be stopped completely. Upgrading other parts may be required. It could happen because of the certain specification of vehicle, turbine or actuator characteristics and etc. Then you might replace or modify parts to fix it.

The display screen is not clear to watch.

The screen is the most visible when looking from the front. The screen could unclear pale because of the angle. Please adjust the angle of the monitor for a best view.

Setting cannot be changed.

The "Data Lock" function may be on. Turn off the data lock. Follow the instruction in the manual to do so.

The boost pressure is increased excessively.

Check the exhaust bypass selection switch is matched with vehicle type. Also, check the short-circuit, wire disconnection, miss-wiring, etc.

Display unit, valve unit, harness connector are damaged.

Contact a for check and repair.

With MAP function, the RPM cannot be taken properly.
  • Check the wires positions and cylinder setting.
  • If the RPM signal is output to multiple tuning parts, the RPM signal voltage may reduce so EVC can't recognize the signal.
With the MAP function, the throttle open angle seems to be wrong.
  • Check the wiring position and all-open or all-close throttle setting.
RPM or throttle opening are not displayed even after wiring is done.

Set the MAP function. It will display signals in the MAP function with Map axis. The signals set as the map axis should be displayed.

The scramble boost is not working.
  • Check the scramble time setting. If the scramble time setting is too short, the scramble could be canceled before the boost pressure goes up.
  • Settings of the vehicle side may prevent the boost increase. Try the A/B setting to see if the boost pressure increase to the target boost pressure.
What's the difference between a stepping motor and solenoid valve?

Solenoid valve has only 2 conditions, "ON" and "OFF". The interval of the ON and OFF controls the boost. The stepping motor can adjust between ON and OFF. This can control the boost pressure more precisely.

What can the EasyWriter do?

With Easywriter, simple and precise data editing is possible by the MAP function. Also, the logger function is available during the boost setting.