HKS Super SQV (Sequential Blow Off Valve) uses a unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, which allows for a broad operating range from low boost to high boost. Its Pull-Type relief design ensures stable operation regardless of the amount of boost pressure. The Super SQV will support new generations of turbocharged vehicles.

1.High Quality Aluminum Die-Cast Body

Silver-coated aluminum die-cast body. Combines the ultimate in looks and durability in the engine compartment.

2.High Stiffness Metal Die-Cast Valve

Secondary valve main portion is made of die cast metal. Reliable operation with beautiful looking.

3.Triple Fin design produces "Super Sound"

Triple Fins set at the center of the funnel produces a dynamic and aggressive sound. An optional special Round Fin can be purchased separately for sound tuning.

1.Pull-Type Relief Valve Operation

The Pull-Type valve operation offers more precise relief of excess boost and is compatible for a wider range of boost pressure compared to typical push-type blow off valves.

2.Primary Valve (Small)

Lift off the throttle, and the primary valve instantly opens, quickly discharging initial excess boost pressure.

3.Secondary Valve (Large)

This valve combined with the Primary Valve from the sequential dual valve structure. Optimal blow-off operation from how to high boost ranges without leaking.

Dual Valve Structure, Sequential System

At low boost ranges the Primary Valve opens, and at high boost ranges the Secondary Valve also opens, resulting in linear response and optimal blow-off operation at all boost levels.

Accelerator ON
Valves Closed

As pressure rises in chamber C, pressure is applied to both the Primary and Secondary valves. The higher the boost pressure, the more pressure is applied to the valves, preventing leaks.

Accelerator OFF
Primary Valve Opens

Throttle lift creates a pressure difference between chambers A & B, opening the primary valve bypassing the secondary valve. this creates the initial discharge.

Accelerator OFF
Secondary Valve Opens

When pressure difference in chambers A & B reach a maximum, the Primary Valve pulls the Secondary Valve open, creating a secondary discharge.

Pull-Type blow off valves will work for any turbocharged vehicle, from stock to highly tuned.

Typical push-type blow off valves require spring load settings for each vehicle specification. If the spring load setting is too low, the valve may leak under high boost and the desired boost setting may not be reach. If the spring load setting is too strong, it may not open at low boost. The Super SQV will operate under any boost pressure setting without leaking.


SQV unit and accessories are included.
Appropriate kit parts are included to replace the SQV unit.
To install the unit to new vehicle, modification of SQV on the vehicle’s side is required.

SQV Unit, O-ring, C-ring, T-fitting φ6×φ4×φ6, T-fitting φ4×φ4×φ4, Air Filter and Tylap.

Special Gunmetal-colored SUPER SQV IV is available in a limited quantity.

Special model of SUPER SQV4 colored gunmetal.

The gunmetal, extremely near to black, improves the engine bay appearance more calm.

The quality of the funnel part is improved by hammer tone pattern.

The bolt, fin, and adapter are all black to provide a design unity.

The dimension of each part is the same as a standard SUPER SQV. It is very easy to replace.


Parts necessary for installation are included. SSQV4 can be easily installed on a vehicle with this kit.

Circulation Adapter is Included.

A triple fin and replacing type circulation adapter are included for a vehicle to install. (These parts are not included in the universal kit.)
Using this recirculation adapter allows suction return by fabricating the return piping.
(Some kits include Suction Return Kit.)

The vehicle specific Suction Return Kit (Blow-off parts) is available separately.


Suction Return Kit is included in Super SQV4 vehicle specific kit.
Circulation can be done easily.