F-CON iS can control the latest advanced engines. Just connect to a stock ECU with a vehicle specified harness without modification. HKS "F-CON iS" is a piggy-back ECU for fuel and ignition management as well as new features.

Functions for fuel and ignition controls are inherited from the previous model F-CON SZ. In addition to it, function to collect OBD II diagnosis data was added for correction of setting due to stock close-loop correction values when intake/exhaust parts are upgraded or boost level setting is changed.

F-CON Series Specification Change Fees What is Piggy-back Computer?

* To edit the control data or settings must be done by the F-CON Dealer.

Various functions

Functions of F-CON iS 1

Correction of Fuel Amount and Ignition Timing
Fuel signal and Ignition Timing are controlled with trim maps inside F-CON iS. Four sub maps for each fuel and ignition control can be easily switched with dip switches.
FCD Function
Fuel Cut at high boost level can be cancelled with FCD function.
SLD Function
Vehicle speed signal can be controlled to cancel speed limiter by stock ECU.
* Not for Automatic Transmission and electro-magnet pick up type sensor.
Engine Check Function
Even with F-CON iS, engine check function of stock ECU works.
(Except some vehicles)

Functions of F-CON iS 2

A/T Shift Up, Shift Down Ignition Compensation
A/T Shift Up, Shift Down Ignition Compensation To prevent knocking of vehicles with automatic transmission during shift up at high load or shift down for acceleration, engine rpm difference and throttle position is kept and ignition timing is retarded for a certain period.
NVCS Control Function *
Solenoid of Nissan NVCS (Nissan Valve Control System) can be controlled with F-CON iS with RPM + Water Temperature condition.
Air Flow (Intake Air Volume sensor) Conversion Function
Air flow meter signal input can be converted with a 16x24 map with Air Flow Input value and RPM axis. When characteristics of air flow meter output are changed from stock condition, air flow meter signal can be corrected.
(Get advice from PowerWriter shops.)

New Functions of F-CON iS

Video Output Display Function (NTSC only)

Output signals from F-CON iS can be displayed on a monitor.

  • Up to 18 items
  • Each data can be shown by bar graph and numbers.
    With Screen changeover switch, items of the screen can be changed. (Items can be selected with PowerWriter.)
Basic Items :

Engine rpm, Vehicle Speed, Air Flow meter output voltage, Throttle Position, Water Temperature, Intake Air Temperature, Battery Voltage, Injector Duration, Pressure


DB Meter I/F Unit, A/F Knock Amp. or Communication Cable, any data can be shown on monitor
  • I/F Unit + Sensors
    Items : Boost (Vacuum) Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • A/F Knock Amp.
    Items : A/F value, Knock Sensor level
  • Communication Harness
    Items : OBD Ignition Timing, A/F Correction Value, A/F Close-Loop Value

* One of I/F Unit or Communication Cable can be connected.

Other Functions

AIC Function
Up to 2 additional injectors can be controlled.
Remarks: Injectors are required separately.
EIDS Function
When throttle is closed, intake air returns to air flow meter and it affects to air flow meter voltage. The voltage can be fixed to a certain voltage to prevent engine stall.
Remarks: SQV is required separately.
Immobilizer Function
When ignition is turned on, if switch is not at setting value, engine will not start.
Remarks: Mixture Controller is required separately.
It enables Fuel setting for Stock close-loop area.
(Setting at PowerWriter shops is required.)