A/T FLUID COOLER KIT FAIRLADY Z Explanation of the product Application chart

Code No. 27002-AN001



  • When temperature of automatic transmission fluid is increased, Z34 will be fail safe. Then, throttle angle will be limited and AT manual operation will not work properly. This product prevents from fail safe during sport driving. (Continuous operation at more than 145℃ for 120 seconds or exceeding 150℃ cause fail safe.)
  • Temperature of engine oil also increases and engine oil cooler is required for sport driving. This product was developed to be used with HKS Oil Cooler Kit.
  • W200xH130xT32 9 rows core is located in front of radiator.
  • Easy installation without any modification. Removal of resin protector is required.





  • Muffler LEGAMAX Premium





At air temperature 10℃, it became fail safe after 7 laps at Fuji Speedway.
After installation of AT Cooler, at air temperature 30℃, it enabled 25 minutes continuous driving at the same circuit.


●Installation time

About 1.5~2 hours



  • AT Fluid cooler core
    W200 X H130 X T32 9 rows
  • AT Fluid cooler core bracket
  • Hose φ10
  • Hose φ8
  • φ10-φ8 adapter pipe
  • Hose band #4
  • Corrugate tube



●Remarks for installation
  • Since popup engine hood is equipped, before removal of bumper, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and leave at least 3 minutes before installation work.
  • Relocation of washer tank is not required even using it with an Oil Cooler Kit.
  • Use specified A/T fluid only or it may cause serious failures.
  • Follow the service manual for volume adjustment of A/T fluid.
    (Adjustment work with a special diagnosis tool CONSULT-III is required.)


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Core Size・Row Core Location Code No. Price Remarks
FAIRLADY Z Z34 VQ37VHR 08/12- W200xH130xD32, 9-layer In front of radiator 27002-AN001