Carbon Engine Cover

Code No. 70026-AN001



Get a sense of HKS POWER's style in your engine bay.
Makes the engine bay look more powerful and racing-like.



Lightweight, high-strength and aesthetically pleasing autoclaved dry carbon adds a racing and stylish touch to the engine compartment. The material is dry carbon made by prepreg method (carbon fiber impregnated with thermosetting resin in advance), which eliminates fiber misalignment and provides a high-quality product






Easy snap-on replacement CFRP engine cover.
The use of twill weave carbon fiber gives the engine compartment a luxurious feel.
Constructed in a 2-piece like the stock engine cover, so it can be installed without removing the stock brace bar.
By replacing the grommets on the stock cover, it can be installed in the same way as stock
With ducts, creates more aggressive and racing style.



Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Manual Remarks
FAIRLADY Z (Z) RZ34 VR30DDTT 22/07 - 70026-AN001