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Product Code No. Manual Detail Remarks
VAC T-601 45002-AT001 * Discontinued.
VAC T-602 45002-AT002 * Discontinued. For IS350. * It does not 1 range shift down at the 1:S mode cooling(AT oil temp. of lower than 50℃). It's to protect the engine before warming.
VAC TypeS T-603 45002-AT003 * Discontinued.  For CELSIOR: Not for the late model w/ pre-crash safety system. For SC430.
VAC TypeS T-605 45002-AT005 * Discontinued.  For CROWN MAJESTA, GS430.
VAC T-606 45002-AT006 * Discontinued. For CROWN ATHLETE(3.5L), GS350(2WD) and GS350(AWD, serial # VAC-0196~)
VAC T-609 45002-AT012 Detail * Discontinued.  For CROWN ATHLETE(GRS204)
VAC TypeS T-802 45002-AT011 * Discontinued. For GS460, LS460(Applicable for 12/10 MC model)
VAC Type Z 45002-AN007 Detail * Discontinued. For FAIRLADY Z. Not for a vehicle w/ SynchroRev control system.
VAC Type CR-Z 45002-AH001 * Discontinued.
VAC Type CF 45002-AF003 Detail * Discontinued.
VAC TYPE CF2 45002-AF004 * Discontinued.
VAC Type CZ 45002-AZ004 Detail * Discontinued.  For ROADSTER
VAC Type CD LA400K 45002-AD001 Detail * Discontinued.  For COPEN(CVT model), when the limiter is cancelled, ecoIDLE light comes on, but it does not affect driving. Refer to the manual for more detailes.