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Greetings from the President

The purpose of developing HKS products is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and support the establishment of a new society of vehicle owners that demand personalized driving performance. In 1973, HKS was established to meet the needs of this new society. The rapid economic growth of Japan reached its peak, and vehicle owners began to want more from their driving experience. Vehicles were not just mass-produced products just for transportation anymore; they were vehicles to show owners' individuality by its style, design, and performance. The Japanese aftermarket performance industry was born in response to this change.
The history of the Japanese aftermarket performance industry is the history of HKS. For over 38 years, HKS has been growing as a pioneer of this industry. We develop products by applying our own unique philosophy. HKS built the first aftermarket turbocharger for passenger cars, released many popular exhaust systems, and original suspension, innovative electronics and more. These products were designed by our talented engineers who completely understood our development philosophy. Capturing the product essence by carefully planning the shape, structure, functions, performance, and quality of a product to achieve technical perfection is the goal of our philosophy. All of the HKS staff understands and keeps our philosophy and goal in mind when developing products.

We design and manufacture a wide variety of automobile components and systems such as race engines, turbochargers, exhaust systems, suspension, electronics, and engine parts. The success of our past achievements and the accumulated knowledge we have gained allows us to expand the scope of our business to the technology of tuning today's complex vehicles; a significant example is the development of our HKS GT supercharger that can be applied to a broad range of vehicles and engines. Also, we are developing a 4 stroke horizontally opposed engine for ultralight planes; this environmentally friendly engine delivers very stable torque under a wide range of operating conditions. The HKS ultralight airplane engine has received excellent reviews around the world.

Envisioning and designing the latest performance improvements by researching and understanding the evolution of automobile technology is our mission. We will keep looking ahead and overcoming technical challenges to provide the best driving performance for our customers.


Hiroyuki Hasegawa