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Green Sky Adventures, Inc

Address: 326 Melrose Landing Blvd Hawthorne
  FL 32640-4420 USA
TEL: (352) 475-5625

EMAIL: mail@greenskyadventures.com
URL: http://www.greenskyadventures.com/

Jerry Olenik
With over 25 years in Ultralight and Light
Experimental aircraft propulsion specialties we
are delighted to consider the HKS-700E and
700T, our most important powerplant yet.



Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast LLC

Address: Harris Airport, 83K - Fort Ann,
TEL: (518) 796-0732
EMAIL: info@quicksilverne.com

URL: http://www.quicksilverne.com/

Chris Hatin

The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed
two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, and meets
ASTM Consensus Standards for Special Light
Sport Aircraft installation.  Its reputation for
reliability and economy of operation
is well noted in aviation community.