OB-LINK TYPE-001 is a multi-purpose Bluetooth device compatible with both Android and iOS.

* Discontinued.

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(1) Auto-log function within the OB-LINK TYPE-001 unit.
(2) Newly equipped Flash ROM provides memory function, cumulative driving distance record, fuel consumption, highest water/oil temperature, engine error code + setting data (Log Manager is required.)


(1) Indication of steering angle data(For a vehicle equipped with a steering angle sensor.)
(2) Brake ON/OFF or pedal pressure (For some TOYOTA or SUBARU)

CarscopePlus:App. to indicate the vehicle info. such as meters, logger, etc through OB-LINK.
* Download CarscopePlus from App Store (iOS) / Google play (Android).


Data indicated on a tablet PC installed to the 2-Din audio space in SUBARU BRZ.


Download CarscopePlus from App Store (iOS) / Google play (Android).

■Android (Ver. 6.0 or later)



(* Need to install OB-BRIDGE to use Carscope.)

■iOS (Ver. 9.0 or later. *Note: Ver. 10.0 and 10.1.1 are not applicable)


(* There is just one app for iOS because the Carscope includes OB-Bridge.)

Android QR code

1.CarscopePlus (free)
2.OB-BRIDGE (free)

iOS QR code

3. CarscopePlus (free)


CarscopePlus:App. to indicate the vehicle info. such as meters, logger, etc through OB-LINK.
* Download CarscopePlus from App Store (iOS) / Google play (Android).

Real-time Meter: Select one from 5 types of meter indication. The warning and peak-hold functions are available.

  • Multi
  • Dual
  • Four-meter
  • Data list
  • Graph

Logger: A new memory function is added to the OB-LINK main unit.

  • Once the IG signal wire is connected, cumulative driving distance record, fuel consumption, highest water/oil temperature, engine error code are automatically stored on the memory of the OB-LINK.
    For some vehicles, the OBDII coupler includes an IG signal wire. In this case, additional IG signal wire connection is not required.
  • Presenting the data items and sampling time stores the date on the memory of the OB-LINK without starting app.
    * Need Log Manager.
  • Driving Calendar

    For the details of "Data CSV Output".
    iOS / Android
  • Fuel Consumption Record/Map
  • Record History
  • Record Graph

Fault Diagnosis: Once fault is found, an engine warning icon appears.

  • Engine Warning Icon
  • Engine Fault Code

Vehicle Maintenance: Request of parts maintenance and periodical check-up appears.


Log Manager is the app for HKS OB-LINK TYPE-001 and OB-LINK TYPE-FA20.
OB-LINK TYPE-001 and OB-LINK TYPE-FA20 have the memory function.
Log Manager can preset the logging data, extract the date, etc. using the memory of OB-LINK.
With Log Manager, the vehicle data are automatically logged in the memory of OB-LINK TYPE-001 and OB LINK TYPE-FA20.

When OB-LINK TYPE-001 and OB LINK TYPE-FA20 detects the IG-ON signal, logging automatically begins, and when the IG-OFF signal is detected, logging automatically stops.
Log data includes the following 5 accumulated data and vehicle's date set by Log Manager:
Accumulated Data: Driving distance, Fuel consumption, Maximum watertemperature, Maximum oil temperature, and Engine error code.
(Some of these items may not be detected depending on the vehicle.)
※ The time stamp of up to 20 engine error codes can be memorized when detecting error(s).
Log Manager selects the log data and establishes the sampling time interval.

21 items OB-LINK obtains

  • Speed
  • Intake air volume
  • E/G oil temp.
  • E/G RPM
  • Intake air temp.
  • T/M oil temp.
  • Water temp.
  • Throttle 1/2
  • Gear Position
  • Ignition timing
  • Acceleration
  • Error code
  • AF correction
  • Intake manifold pressure
  • Calmative driving distance
  • AF learning value
  • Airflow output
  • Steering angle
  • O2 sensor
  • Brake (ON/OFF or tread)

* Data obtained may very depending on a type of the vehicle.

Sampling Memory time
100ms 139 min.
200ms 278 min.
500ms 695 min.
1 sec. 23 hours
5 sec. 116 hours
10 sec. 232 hours


1. Check the IG Signal Line
Check the existence of the IG signal line by either of the following methods.

(1) Check the OBD II Coupler
Check if a terminal is inserted into the upper rightmost insertion port.

Terminal inserted = IG signal exists.
Terminal NOT inserted = IG signal NOT exists.

(2) Check by CarscopePlus or CarscopeFA20
Start CarscopePlus. Tap "Setting", then "Check of the IG signal line."
Either of the following message appears:
" IG signal line is OK " = IG signal line exists.
" Please check the connection with the OB-LINK. The OB-LINK, You can connect from the Meter Views." = IG signal line does not exist.

2. Connect the IG Signal Line
If the IG signal line does not exist on the OBDII coupler, connection of the IG signal line is required.
※To connect the line, it should connect to the IG signal line or ACC signal line.
For details, please refer to "6. Connection of IG Signal wire" of the instruction manual.


Search "Log Manager" or "HKS" to find this application, or install it from the following QR code:

Navigation Link

Using Clarion Smart Access enables CarscopePlus to be indicated on the navigation monitor. Also, operation of CarscopePlus from the navigation monitor is possible.
(Smart Access requires a specific navigation system and HDMI cable.)