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Capacity Upgrade Kit VR38DETT 4.3L
  • Focused Driving Situations: Street
  • Maximum Torque: ~1000N・m

* Maximum torque is a value calculated based on our in-house test data, we do not ensure that the product can be used without failure.
Please note that the allowable torque limit will vary depending on the vehicle specifications, road surface conditions, driving conditions, and mileage in actual vehicle use.

Conversion of VR38 to 4.3L for significant increase in torque.
The following effects have been achieved through optimization of various parts, including a review of the piston shape, a new dedicated oil jet for optimal cooling, and more precise balancing of the crankshaft.
- Low vibration comparable to that of the stock engine
- Achieved the world's longest stroke (stroke: 99.0 mm)

This product is designed for street use, and has greatly increased torque at low rpm to make it easier to ride in the city.
The following products are recommended for those who drives continuously at high power for track driving, etc.



<POINT-1> Piston Kit
  • The billet-pistons have the ideal piston shape.
  • The special bridge shape enhances the durability and makes ultra-lightweight pistons.
  • A squish area allows high rate combustion.
<POINT-2> Connecting Rod
  • The connecting rods were designed specifically for this kit. Engine modification is minimized.
<POINT-3> Crankshaft Stroke - 99.0mm
  • 9.0mm stroke without bore size change is incomparable.
  • Billet crankshaft.
  • The vibration generated from V6 engine is reduced to the degree to be not annoying by precise balance adjustment. (The included parts must be used together.)
  • The structure was designed to reduce a load to the metals so it can withstand the increased load to the main metal due to higher torque.
  • High efficiency heavy metal made balance weight reduces the weight and achieves high engine response.
<POINT-4> Compatible with Stock Bore Size - 95.5mm
  • The bore size is the same as the stock size to maintain the engine block rigidity and the ideal heat conduction for the optimal engine performance.
  • Modification of liner is not necessary so the cost related to this liner modification can be saved.
<POINT-5> Special Oil Jet
  • A special oil jet to cool down the pistons to the optimum level is newly designed.

The Billet Piston employs an appropriate squish area to improve fuel combustion.
Adopting the molybdenum piston skirt coating reduces the friction caused by the piston movement.

A billet-crankshaft with high efficient balance weight reduces vibration, improves engine response, and decreases the weight.

A special oil jet cools down the pistons to the optimum level.

Balancing was performed based on the products included in this kit. Using other products with this kit may cause engine vibration.


  HKS 4.3L Kit Stock
Bore 95.5mm 95.5mm
Stroke 99.0mm 88.4mm
Comp. ratio (t=0.8) 8.6 9.0
Tolerate RPM 7400rpm 7000rpm
Displacement 4255ml 3799ml

We highly recommend the combined use of the HKS crank damper pulley only for VR 43 engine, which reduces torsion vibration to improve the product's durability.

Crank Dumper Pulley for GT-R (R35) (Code No. 24998-AN001)

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