* F-CON V Pro does not include any data.
   Setting by the F-CON Dealer is required.


[F-CON Vpro]

Stand-alone Computer for High-level Professional Tuners! New Additional Functions Available!

Control method is selectable from L-Jetro, D-jetro, and throttle speed.

  • Fuel Injector control for up to 8 injectors. This can be set freely to control engines up to 8 cylinders or 4 cylinder engines with twin injector setup.
  • 6 independent ignition settings allows for added flexibility and control. Ignition cut rev limiter has controls to use as launch control in drag. This allows full boost to be achieved even when the vehicle is stationary.
  • By attaching an air/fuel gauge, closed loop fuel control is possible and with built in data logging included as standard; F-CON V Pro has been designed to be as user friendly as possible.

FUNCTION :Various control functions are available in addition to the base map control and correction for fuel and ignition.

Fuel Control

[Standard Fuel Map]

- Main - Main + Sub (Twin Injector)- Main + Sub + Independent (3 mode injection)

[Fuel Correction]

- Main Trim
- Sub Trim
- Throttle Compensation
- Vehicle Speed Compensation
- Startup Compensation
- Acceleration Compensation 1
- Acceleration Compensation 2

- Water Temperature Compensation
- Intake Air Temperature
- Exhaust Gas Temperature
- Fuel Pressure Compensation
- Individual Cylinder Compensation

- Deceleration Compensation
- Scramble Compensation
- A/F Feedback Compensation 1
- A/F Feedback Compensation 2

Ignition Control

[Standard Igniton Map]

- Main- Sub- Idle

[Ignition Correction]

- Sub Trim
- Throttle Compensation
- Acceleration Compensation
- Water Temperature Compensation
- Intake Air Temperature Compensation

- Exhaust Gas Temperature Compensation
- Individual Cylinder Compensation
- Fuel Pressure Compensation
- Automatic Transmission Shift Compensation
- Scramble Compensation

Supporting Control

- Fuel Cut Control - Ignition Cut Control - Idle Speed Control Valve Control

Optional Control

- Electric Fan Control
- Fuel Pump Control

- NVCS Control
- Shift Lamp Control

- Warning Light Control

With the above features, the ideal setup can be found whether your vehicle is being used on the street, the drag strip or the circuit. With features such as the A/F feedback, ignition cut and twin injector control, F-con V Pro allows professional engine management engineers much flexibility and freedom to tune to a high level. F-CON V Pro can accommodate from basic to full tuned vehicles meaning that the same F-CON V Pro unit can be used throughout the life of the vehicle. F-CON V Pro is available only through authorized F-CON Dealers. Also, F-CON iS can be upgraded to F-CON V Pro (see the Spec Change above).


Input Compatibility

- New Vehicle Compatibility including Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and Suzuki Swift Sport

- Voltage/Airflow monitoring feature

- Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature Input

Fuel/Ignition Control

- Deceleration Fuel Cut, Vehicle speed condition added

- Switch Speed Limiter

Optional Items

- Optional Voltage Output, Combined Output Feature

- Improved Compatibility with Valcon

- Option Switch Output 3,4 With New Switch Conditions

- Option Switch Output 6-9 With New Switch Conditions

- Option Frequency Output, New Output Conditions

- Parameter "OTHERS" added to additional items

- Solenoid ISC improvements

- Voltage Output Monitor


- Error Code Logging

Serial Number Reference

Product Name Serial Number Remarks
F-CON V Pro Ver.2 FCV000001~FCV010000 Case Color: Silver
F-CON V Pro Ver.2 FCV010001~ Case Color: Silver
F-CON V Pro Ver.3.0 FCP000001~FCP003000 Case Color: Gold
F-CON V Pro Ver.3.1 FCP003001~FCP020000 Case Color: Gold, Unit has Blue Round Label
F-CON V Pro Ver.3.2 FCP020001~ Case Color: Gold, Unit has Red Round Label
F-CON V Pro Ver.3.3 FCP030001~ Case Color: Gold, Unit has White Round Label