S2000 is a great representation of Japanese sports cars, and its outstanding engine performance and handlability have been still prominent over ten years since its debut. HKS has utilized its latest technology to transform S2000 into higher performance vehicle.

  • The Best & Lightweight Stainless Muffler (60% of Stock)

    The weight of this SPEC-L is only 10kg which is only 60% of the 25kg stock muffler.
    Pipes and silencer made with carefully designed and selected materials improve the exhaust efficiency and create high-tone exhaust sound tuning to enhance the driving performance.

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  • The Exhaust System to Handle the Sound Designed by HKS Exhaust Technology

    The exhaust system makes exhilarating and high frequency sporty exhaust sound immediately after stepping on the accelerator. The exhaust sound during driving does not interrupt communication between passengers, and the idling sound is quiet.

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  • The Standard Sports Muffler with Bullet-shaped Shell

    With this sports muffler, sportiveness and silence are well balanced. (JASMA Approved)

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  • High Cost Performance Sports Muffler with Bullet-shaped Shell

    This product is high cost performance model with redesigned pipes maintaining the performance and exhaust sound of Silent Hi-power series.

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  • Single Cannon Ball-shaped Type for Lightweight and Being More Racelike.

    Exhaust system capable with high power specifications.
    The pipe diameter is enlarged as much as possible.
    Utilizing a Titan exhaust tip provides more aggressive appearance.

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  • A Key Part for Intensive Exhaust Tuning with NA Engine.

    A Key Part for Intensive Exhaust Tuning with NA Engine.
    HKS Exhaust technology with know-how of long time development provides the exhaust manifold that pulls out 100% of the engine performance. Various methods were conducted to achieve the best performance for a low to middle rpm range.

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  • For the Ultimate Exhaust Efficiency

    Better engine performance is felt by
    Reducing the pressure loss under the high RPM range promotes smooth engine revolution.
    Combined use of the exhaust manifold enable the engine output to be improved in the entire speed range.

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  • Maximize S2000's Potential

    Metal catalyzer and Flash Editor are bundled as a set. Further optimization derives superior performance.
    ※Only for JDM

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  • Pursuing Driving Pleasure

    Sports type suspension for driving with high-grip radial tires. This product accurately grasps the information from tires, road surface, and traction that change every moment so the driver can operate a vehicle intuitively.

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  • Experience the evolution of improved stability and comfort

    Revised the damping force curve and increased the spring rate both front and rear for improving steering response. GT 20 SPEC evolves to a high potential damper with ensuring the smoother ride feeling more than standard MAXIV GT with precise damping force setting.

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  • Vehicle Handling Stability and Ride Quality Stand Side by Side

    Vehicle handling stability and ride quality on a street or winding road are highly balanced. This product is available for a wide range of uses.

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  • ECU ReFlash Tool

    This product optimizes the valve timing, electric throttle function, and boost pressure to improve the drivability. Flash Editor changes the upper limit to activate the speed limiter function and VTEC switch point.
    * Only for JDM

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  • Multi-purpose Bluetooth Device Compatible with Both Android & iOS.

    OB-LINK extracts vehicle data from the on board diagnostics port (OBD) and sends it via Bluetooth to an Android device (Tablet/Smartphone etc.)

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  • Eliminates Speed Limiter to drive over 180km/h

    SLD cancels the speed limiter, and it is a must-have for circuit to sufficiently achieve performance of a vehicle.

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  • Centrifugal Compressor Provides Natural Feeling

    This supercharger kit for S2000 includes GT Supercharger unit, installation brackets, pipes, intercooler, traction oil, and other necessary accessories. Experience this setup which has acceleration feel reminiscent of a tuned NA engine.

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  • Better Handlability & Power Transmitting Peroformance with "MG Composite Disc"

    HKS LA Clutch combines accurate high level power transfer from engine to transmission while offering easy to use clutch feel which is particularly noticeable when the clutch is half engaged.

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  • High Oil Flow & Low Oil Pressure Loss

    This high function filter improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to current sports oil filters by the large super intake hole and newly developed low resistant hybrid filter.

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  • Ignitionability, Durability, Anti-insulation All Reinforced.

    0.6mm iridium alloy center electrode, platinum outer electrode chip, thermal edge, and spark support gap improve the ignition performance and prevent carbon buildup that causes misfires.

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HKS parts for HONDA S2000
[AP1, AP2]

Code No. Product AP1 AP2 Remark
Super Sound Master  
Hi-Power SPEC-L  
silent Hi-Power  
RACING MUFFLE Only overseas market.
Stainless Exhaust Manifold  
Metal Catalyzer ×  
Metal Catalyzer ×  
Exhaust & ECU Package × Metal Catalyzer+Flash Editor
※Only for JDM
MAX IV GT 20 SPEC The vehicle height information comes from AP1.
HKS recommends replacing a bump rubber by a 30mm or 40 mm
one for preventing bottoming out when lowering the vehicle
or is willing to ensure stroke amount.
Flash Editor × * Only for JDM
SLD Type1 Do not use with Flash Editor
GT Supercharger Pro Kit (※) ※Compatible with AP2 manufactured between 2005/11~2007/9.
LA Clutch  
Oil Filter  
Super Fire Racing M-i Series Equivalent to stock heat range #7