A/F-Knock Amp.


Air/fuel monitor and knock-amplifier functions in one package as a visual setting tool.
No modification to connectors is necessary, and the sensor can be provided separately by utilizing OEM A/F sensor. Also, with HKS A/F-Knock Amp allows monitoring 2 different A/F levels at the same time; therefore, installing only one unit can measure the A/F of each bank or 2 groups for a vehicle with the v-bank engine or multicylinder engine. Also, Connecting the A/F Knock Amp to an F-CON unit allows monitoring of the A/F value and knock level, as well as data-logging through use of the Power Writer software.
Knock level measurement was simplified. HKS A/F-Knock Amp is a new generation A/F setting tool with great functions and performance.

  • 2 A/F sensors can be connected.
    1 main unit can measure 2 different A/F values of the V-bank engine or multicylinder engine using 2 sensors
  • Sensor calibration is not necessary when measuring the A/F. Measurement can be performed promptly after the completion of installation.
  • 2 units structure, [Display/Controller] and [Amplifier].
  • Knock Amp. Unit can be used without the signal input of the crankshaft angle and camshaft angle. It simplified the engine knock detection method. These improved the usability and compatibility.
  • Appearance of the display/controller unit was designed to match well with other HKS electronics parts.
Main Specifications
  • A/F Measurement: It is capable of 2 systems. Measurement range: 8.0-20.0
  • A/F Analog Output: It is capable of 2 systems. Measured A/F value is output by analog voltage so it can be used on the F-CON or other data loggers.
  • Engine Knock Monitor: The signal from the knock sensor installed to the engine enables users to listen for knock through headphones. (Headphones are not included in this product.)
  • Engine Knock Level Display: Signal from the knock sensor can be displayed in the range of 0 to 100 as the knock level.
  • There is only 1 A/F sensor provided with this product. If another sensor is necessary, it can be purchased separately.