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[Direct Multi Recorder]

"Record", "View", and "Analyze" driving with HKS' drive recorder DMR. DMR is now one seg and DTT compatible.

Some drive recorders generate radio wave, which causes the electromagnetic interference of digital terrestrial broadcasting, which results in poor or no signal reception.
HKS DMR minimizes radio emission with radio shielding on the main unit and other components!
HKS DMR can record driving and allow digital terrestrial broadcast viewing at the same time.

* Depending on signal reception/ radio wave conditions, digital terrestrial broadcasting may not be received properly.


■Comparison of DTT Antenna Reception
  Campany P's:
2-channel, 2-tuner
DTT tuner
Campany P's:
4-channel, 4-tuner
DTT tuner
drive recorder
DMR General
drive recorder
Drive Recorder
NOT in use
level of 61
level of 57
Antenna 12-seg Antenna 12-seg
Drive Recorder in use Antenna
level of 28
level of 54
Antenna1-seg Antenna12-seg

* Result of in-house Test (It may be different from acutual usage.)

■Setting of the DMR

When placing the DMR unit 10cm away from the TV antenna, it was possible to watch digital terrestrial broadcasting on TV and 1-Seg digital TV.

* FM/AM/FM-VICS/GPS can be received properly.


* DMR also functions as a drive recorder that can keep visual records of incidents and accidents accurately.

Shoot the Performance!
  • a 1.3 mega pixel CMOS digital sensor unit
  • 142.5° wide-angle camera + supersensitive 2nd camera
Record the Performance!
  • Image and sound are recorded simultaneously.
  • Location & speed recorded using GPS, viewed on Google Map.
  • Vehicle's XYZ direction can be recorded using G sensor.
  • Permanent power supply allows continuous recording.
View the Performance!
  • Data can be analyzed on PC using the DMR viewer software.
  • 16 frame multi capture for continuous recording.

Second Camera

Second Camera (Standard Equipment)
SONY CCD canera(24x24x27)


Main unit contains a camera, of course, GPS and G sensors to enable recording of video, audio, position time and impact with improved recording performance. "DMR" is the recorder to enjoy recording


  • Position the DMR unit at the top of the windscreen, and just spark plug into the Cigar Lighter Socket.


  • Location and interval speed can be viewed on Google maps using the GPS location information.
  • G sensor can detect and record the speed (G) so the DMR can show the XYZ amplitude. Also, there is a permanent power supply unit include which prevents the battery from discharging too much.


  • HKS' DMR is equipped with the 2nd camera as a standard. The camera can point towards the driver's foot or meters to record the driver during circuit. Using the special viewer software, it is possible to analyze your driving more precisely.


  • Most recent high speed CPU (Hiper DMR Engine) allows seamless recording straight to SD memory card without delay even though most drive recorders will have short gaps ever few minutes in recording when it saves the recording to SD memory card.
  • DMR uses the latest systems to directly record to the SD memory card meaning that those precious moments aren’t lost. It also does not retain any data on the main unit. This is a unique feature for the HKS' DMR.


1 Menu

Menu of "File", "View", "Tool", and "Help."

2 Shortcut Icons

Shortcut of printing, event report, DMR settings, and viewer software setup.

3 Main Screen

Screen to show the Image recorded.

4 G Sensor Graph

Graph shows the variation of G sensor.
(Red: Front & back side, Yellow: Lateral side, Blue: Up & down side)

5 VCR Control

Adjust image conditions, volume, and replay speed.

6 Screen Swtich Button

Switch the screen between the main screen and sub screen.

7 Sub-Screen

Image from the camera, Google Maps, or Google Earth are shown.

8 File List

List of images recorded.

9 Shortcut Icons

Icons for capture, 16 frame multi capture, Google Earth, and Google Maps.

10 GPS Data - Speed Infomation

GPS data, speed, and distance are shown.

Size H:107mm / W: 60mm / T: 19mm
Weight 93g
Voltage 12V-24V
Operation Temperature -10℃ - +60℃
Main Camera 1.3M Pixel CMOS Digital Sensor
2nd Camera 0.27M Pixel / Color CCD (Monochrone in dark)
G Sensor XYZ 3D Sensor (for possible impact, heavy braking, rapid acceleration)
GPS GPS data for longitude, latitude and time
Storage Media SDHC2GB-16GB (8GB allows for 16hours 1ch recording)
Recording Resolution MEGA Mode IN: 1280×960 OUT: 640×480
VGA Mode IN: 640×480 OUT: 640×480
Recording Speed Main Camera MEGA: 15 frame (1280x960)
VGA: 30 frame (640x480)
2nd Camera (2ch) MEGA: 8 frame (1280x960)
VGA: 15 frame (640x480)
Recorded Data Format H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
Recording Time Continuous Save Mode. Constantly records in 3 minute segments
Event Mode. Records 15 seconds before and after an event (total 30 seconds)
Other Internal Microphone, Internal Buzzer, LED

  • DMR Main Unit
  • Cigar Lighter Socket Power Cable (4m)
  • Hard Wire Power Unit (3m)
  • SD Memory Card (8GB)
  • Video output cable (90cm)
  • Guide Sticker
  • Fitting Bracket
  • 2nd Camera
  • 2nd Camera Power & AV cable
  • 2nd Camera Holder
  • Fitting accessories (screws clips tape)
  • Viewing software (Windows XP, Vista, 7 Compatible)