[Capacity Upgrade Kit VR38DETT 4.1L]

HKS has developed upgrade kit for R35 GT-R for some more power! People who are not satisfied with 800+ and want more power on R35, this is the kit you need. We have made it for a longer stroke to gain on the lower RPM for the big turbine. So you can have absolute power even on the normal RPM. This high-end, made in Japan products of piston, conrod and crankshaft are made by billet method

* Discontinued.

<POINT-1> Piston Kit

HKS were insistent on forging, we employed billet method from forged bar material.

We have employed special truss shape with our test and strength analysis for a extreme power.

The perfect shape of very short height low friction type gives light weight and strength. They are 80g lighter compared to the stock and STEP1/STEP2 piston.

<POINT-2> Connecting rod

Being a longer stroke, we have developed original conrod.
For modification work of engine side is needed only at the block oil return.

<POINT-3> Crankshaft stroke 95.5mm

Billet method form forged bar material.

HKS special shape that came from our profound racing experience analysis on V6 balance.

For better friction we have employed special edge for counter weight.

We have designed counter weight for the perfect shape for a perfect balance!

<POINT-4> Normal bore compatible 95.5mm

Not to decrease the strength of the block which relate directly to the engine's performance, HKS has employed stock bore size that does not need liner process.

Also we could cut the cost by not having liner work and block shaving of upper surface.

<POINT-5> Only HKS can provide the high quality total setup package kit.

This kit is for upgrade from 800+. Surge tank, injector kit, intercooler and etc.  are offered separately for a total tuning solution.

HKS have tested our products over and over in the bench or circuit for the best performance and safety.

Advantage of more displacement

GT 1000 full turbine kit installed car have 1000ps, but 3.8L engine (white) is like peakey, however 4.1L (light blue) will have advantage and higher quality output from 2500 RPM to the top end.

1The short height of the piston skirt part

Reduce the friction by becoming a short height the skirt portion, and the new profile.

2Truss structure of the inner piston

We have accomplished very high quality in both rigidity and lightweight by "truss" structure inside piston.

Allowable RPM: Approx. 7800rpm Max Engine Output: Approx. 735kW (1000ps). Torque: Approximately 120kgm

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