Through many years of motor sport activities, have felt the need for the development of a transmission that can be used to accurately transfer engine torque at even the highest levels such as drag racing. We have developed from years of experience in drag, drift, time attack and circuit racing. And designing, developing, testing and production are now all take place "in house" to ensure the feedback from racing directly into development. HKS has developed a competition transmission which is approved for use by JAF and FIA. These transmissions have been used in rally competitions globally and also developed and tested on the HKS CT230R time attack car.

  • H pattern transmission of a bolt on 5-speed dog clutch system for Lancer Evolution IV - IX, which can be replaced with stock transmission.
  • Homologated for Group N in FIA and JAF competition(EVO V-IX (5 speed models))
  • Newly designed shift rod reduces shift stroke to approximately 70% of normal. Newly designed dog rings also allow for precise and accurate shifting with a positive feeling which feedback to the driver
  • Weight reduction in many areas while maintaining strength in critical areas for strengthening for a light weighted transmission.
  • All parts are made in Japan for high accuracy and reliability
  • Spur gears are utilized to relieve stress on the rotational axis and stock case is used for a wide range of uses in various motorsport categories.

(The following item is required in order to install this product)

  • Transmission Oil
    Oil temperature lower than 100℃ --- Gear Oil G-12W (75W-120)
    Oil temperature higher than 100℃ --- HKS Gear Oil G-25W (85W-250)
    * Warm up the engine before driving.
    * Select low viscosity oil if driving feeling is more focused for sprint races and high viscosity oil if durability is more important for long driving.

Precautions for Use

  • While using this product, it makes intense noise and impact. Use only for races.
  • Overhaul is required after one rally or two dirt trials.

● Gear Ratio comparison
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Back Final Drive  Ratio
HKS 3.000 2.000 1.471 1.111 0.857 3.446 4.307
Stock (CT9A RS) 2.875 1.950 1.444 1.096 0.825 3.446 4.529