• single tube
  • 30 step adjustable damping
  • all adjustable
  • special oil
  • coil spring
  • reinforced rubber upper mounts
  • inverted strut type only
  • specification changeable
  • overhaul available



Street sport standard model with new generation ride comfort and driving performance.

The standard model as steet use suspension targeted for sport radial tires. With HKS' single tube technology, driving performance and ride comfort are highly balanced.
HDP (Hiper Digressive Piston) and HLP(Hiper Linear Piston) large capacity pistons enhance driving performance. The newly designed rubber upper mount eliminates noise and improves ride comfort. (Inverted type damper has pillow ball upper only). In addition, pillow ball upper mount is selectable.

* Discontinued.PRODUCT LINE UP

(BB TUNE Version list)

1.Newly designed reinforced rubber upper mount

Reinforced rubber upper mount for street use. It prevents noise and durable. (Pillow ball upper mount is used for some vehicles.)

2.Dust boots for both inverted and normal types

It protects shaft from incoming stones.

3.Single tube type / Ride height adjustable lower bracket

Single tube type for high driving performance and ride height adjustable lower bracket to have best styling. These mechanism enables smooth & comfortable ride as well as ideal styling.

4.φ65 Straight spring

Proper spring rate is selected for each vehicle model. It is strong against performance drop and metal fatigue.

5.Large flow capacity piston

The large flow capacity piston produces linear damping force in proporition to piston speed. It enables natural handling.

6.Aluminume lock nut, ride height nut

Lightweight and anti-corrosion.

7.30 steps damping force adjustable mechanism

30 steps adjustable mechanism enables wide adjustment range.

8. 2 Years/40,000km Limited Warranty

The enhanced durability of suspension components allows 2 years/40,000km warranty.

Features For street use. Reinforced rubber upper mount. Special oil. Pillow ball upper mount is selectable.
(Pillow upper only for inverted type.)
Structure Single tube type
Ride height adjustment
Height adjustable lower bracket
Damping force
adjustment mechanism
30 steps adjustment function
Case Nickel coating
Spring Straight
*Special spring of rear suspension required for some vehicles.