• single tube
  • 30 step adjustable damping
  • all adjustable
  • M shaft
  • special oil
  • coil spring
  • aluminium bracket
  • reinforced rubber upper mounts
  • specification changeable
  • overhaul available



Magnificent suspension kit designed to combine flexible ride with enhanced handling performance.

HIPERMAX M-1 is newly designed as a magnificent suspension kit combining the flexible ride characteristics with enhanced handling capability on the highway. The vehicle movement with this suspension kit is also flexible on the street. The vehicle height with this suspension kit is arranged to be well in an inconspicuous way.

* Discontinued.Product Line Up

1.Lightweight Components

Polygonal bracket, locknut, and ride height adjuster are made with Aluminum to reduce the weight of the springs. (For the front damper of R35, these parts are made with steal to ensure the rigidity.)

2.New Design M Shaft

M Shaft was newly designed to ensure more flexible ride characteristics. Also, Damper internal oil pressure characteristics were optimized. Precise damping force is chosen from the stroke range to ensure flexible and reliable ride comfort.

3.Mono Tube Design

A mono-tube suspension structure is utilized to ensure high driving performance.

4.Large Flow Amount Piston

Large flow amount pistons generate linear damping force proportional to piston speed. This characteristic can achieve more comfortable handling.

5.30-way Adjustable Dampening

30-way adjustable dampening enables settings for many different driving conditions.

6.Dust Boot

Dust Boots prevents damage to the shaft by pebbles.

*2 years / 40,000km Warranty

Enhanced durability of components enables 2 years/40,000km warranty.

Features Highway & Street Use New Design M Shaft, Polygonal Aluminum Bracket, Special Oil.
Structure Single tube type
Height adjustment
Shock-body Length Adjustable
Damping force
adjustment mechanism
30-way Adjustable Dampening
Case Steal x Electroless Nickel Plating
Spring Short Coil Spring