• single tube
  • 30 step adjustable damping
  • all adjustmeable *2
  • special oil
  • coil spring
  • strengthen rubber upper mounts *1
  • large diameter piston
  • specification changeable
  • overhaul available

*1 Normal type only *2 front only

HIPERMAX S-compact


HIPERMAX C-COMPACT enables high level ride comfort. It's upper class comfortness for a compact cars.

This suspension kit enables quick action on street and it is capable for winding road and circuit driving. With 30 steps damping force adjustment function, the wide setting range will enable fun sporty driving.

* Discontinued.Product Line Up

●Sport suspension for fun driving.

With HKS' single tube technology, it has precise damping force gain, which enables driving stability that twin tube type suspensions cannot achieve. It enhances suspension performance of compact cars.

●30 step damping force adjustmentfunction for wide setting range.

With 30 steps damping force adjustment function, various setting to meet each user is possible from quick action on street to hard driving in circuits.

●Height adjustable lower braket enbles ideal styling.

With height adjustable lower bracket, ride height can be set low without changing piston stroke. Without compromizing of driving performance, ideal styling can be achieved. (Thread type ride height adjustment mechanism for rear.)

●Affordable price with high class performance.

High performance suspensions with single tube type, 30 steps damping force adjustment mechanism and height adjustable lower bracket. This suspension enhances performance of the vehicle.

Features For compact cars. Reinforced rubber upper mount. Special oil.
Structure Single tube type
adjustment mechanism
Height adjustable lower bracket (Front)
Thread type (Rear)
Damping force
adjustment mechanism
30 steps adjustment function
Case Steel x Black plating
Spring Straight 
*Special spring for rear suspension of some vehicles.