The 6th generation
The 6th generation


Direct setting, checking and analysis

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  • TFT Full Color Monitor: Clear and high level of visibility.
  • Monitor Navigate System: Simple setting of logging monitor.
  • Stepping Motor: Matured technology utilized to the valve unit.
    Valve size is reduced to 2/3 of the conventional valve.
  • "EVC Hyper Engine": New generation CPU. Control speed is improved spectacularly
  • Setting range is from the stock to 300kPa.




Boost pressure setting returns to stock pressure value when the unit is off.

Speed Signal Input

Speed signal input enables the boost control with the speed. (500km/h)


The boost pressure can be increased by a designated value above the set value.

Map Correction

Input of the throttle signal and engine RPM or vehicle speed signals enables the boost control by a 3D map using 2 these signals as axes.

3-mode Boost Setting

Boost pressure can be set in 3 different modes to use them for different conditions.

Triple Digtala Meter

3 digital data readings of surge tank pressure and throttle angle, engine RPM or vehicle speed can be displayed in real time.

3-mode Offset~Setting

The differences between the boost pressure set value and actual value can be offset in 3 different modes. This ensures more precise setting.

Bar Graph Selection

Select the type of a bar graph from the boost pressure, throttle angle, engine RPM and vehicle speed.


If the boost exceeds the warning value, an audible beep and visible warning display notify the user. Also, the boost is lowered to the stock value or a preset value to prevents damage to the engine.

Bar Graph Peak Hold

The bar graph displays the maximum value after it is reached. It can achieve easy instant recognition.

Throttle Sighnal Input

Throttle position sensor signal input enables the boost control with the throttle angle.

After Image

The maximum positive boost value is displayed for 3 seconds when the boost changes from positive pressure to negative pressure.

Engine RPM Signal Input

Engine RPM signal input or ignition signal input enables the boost control with the engine RPM.
(1 to 8 cylinders/up to 12000rpm)

Data Memory

All settings are stored in the internal memory; so settings will not be lost even when the ignition is off or the battery is disconnected.

Display Brightness Selection

Select the display unit's brightness from 2 levels.

Exhaust Bypass Selection

Select appropriate exhaust bypass type from swing valve type or poppet valve type.

Data Lock

Data can be locked with a password; it prevents data loss or inadvertent data changes.

Unit Selection

Select the unit from kPa or PSI.

Operation Buttun Side Switchable

The side of the buttons can be switched by flipping the monitor vertically.






TFT LCD Full Color Monitor

High addressability & clear contrast by TFT. Visibilty during driving is remarkable.

3-mode Boost Setting

Additional 1 mode enable more useful boost pressure setting appropriate for the tuning level. Differenct offset values can be entered to each mode.

English Display

Each setting can be displayed in English.

Switchable Button Position

Control button position can be switched from left to right by flipping the monitor vertically. Select the button position as desired.