• single tube
  • 30 step adjustable damping
  • special oil
  • PNE coating
  • some coil spring
  • pillow upper mount
  • screw adjustment height
  • specification changeable
  • spring rate changeable



HIPERMAX LS+ has the most luxurious functions!

Perfect balance of ride quality and silence for luxury sports suspension was focused to design HIPERMAX LS+. Tiredness during driving can be reduced, and a sense of relief during driving can be encouraged.
30-way adjustable damping force allows flexible customization. Driver can enjoy both sporty driving on winding roads and comfortable driving on city streets.

* Discontinued.Product Line Up

●Single tube Design

A mono-tube suspension provides higher ride quality and the fun and sporty driving.

●Dustboots Standard

Shaft damage by rocks and pebbles from bouncing onto the shaft can be prevented.

●PNE Coating

PNE Coating's corrosion resistance is 5 times as much as the galvanization. This coating can protect against rust, and its smooth surface requires less force to adjust the ride height than conventional dampers.

●High Flow Linear Piston

Linear progression piston adjusts oil passages for precise stroke management resulting in smoother valve movements. As piston speed increases, dampening rate increases linearly.

●Strengthened Rubber Upper Mounts

Ride quality of street driving can be improved, durability is enhanced and noise is reduced.
* Optional for certain applications.

●Aluminum Lock Nut & Ride Height Adjuster

The anti-rust and corrosion for enhanced durability are featured. Using these can cut the unsprung weight.

◁E0-way Adjustable Damping Force

A wide variety of dampening settings are available based on the driving conditions and/or number of people on a vehicle.